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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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these kids have been practicing for their annual nutcracker performance for months, but now they're being upstaged. we'll tell you what the president has to do with it. >> if you spend the majority of your time looking at screens and phones and digital displays everywhere, you may be suffering from digital eye strain and not even know it. but first breaking news, another investigation targeting a d.c. police officer. >> sources tell wusa9 it
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involves an officer and possible relations with an underage girl. that source says the two were found together last night at the officer's apartment in southeast. we are working to get more information on what led the cops to that officer's apartment in the first place. in a different investigation another d.c. cop under an investigation involving a 15-year-old girl and tonight we can show you that officer's face or should i say his mugshot. this is 32-year-old marc washington. he's behind bars accused of taking explicit photos of a 15- year-old from southeast d.c. while he was on duty. investigators say that teenager had shown up at home after being reported missing and they say washington went to the family's apartment, said he needed to interview the girl alone in her room and then took the explicit photos calling it police procedure. washington is due in court tomorrow for bail hearing. billions of our phone calls tracked by big brother every day of the week. >> frigid temperatures on the
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way this weekend, just some of the news in your world tonight in 90 seconds. >> storms dumping snow from the rockies to the northern plains. it's blamed for at least eight deaths and conditions are getting worse as frigid air blows in from the north. >> we were 57 today, but serious arctic air is waiting in the wings. 2 below 0 in casper, some areas tomorrow in the northern plains states not making it above 0 and dallas will go from the 60s and 70s into an ice storm and all this is heading our way for the weekend. >> the white house needs young healthy people to sign up for insurance in order to offset the cost of covering those with health issues. the president says insurance coverage will cost most young people less than 100 bucks a month. >> there's a good chance your cell phone calls are not confidential. the washington post is reporting the national security agency tracks the location of nearly 5 billion cell phone calls daily. the post found out about the program in documents provided by former nsa analyst edward
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snowden. >> the los angeles county coroner's office said today that an autopsy on the body of actor paul walker found that he died of traumatic injuries and burns in that car crash saturday. his friend be roger rodas who was driving the porsche died of traumatic injuries. they are not sure what caused the crash, but speed was a factor. >> some crosswalks in downtown baltimore are being painted to look like hopscotch boards. another design is painted to look like a giant zipper. some young ballerinas planning an annual holiday performance being upstaged by the president. >> a last minute scheduling conflict at american university forced a local ballet company out of the theater to make room for a network interview with president barack obama. >> an interview with the president of the united states doesn't happen every day.
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>> but a performance for the nutcracker doesn't happen for my daughter every day either. >> emily king's daughter is a ballerina at the petite ballet company where about 160 years have spent months practicing for the performance. despite booking the theater in january the company was notified yesterday by au their last two critical dress rehearsals planned for tonight and tomorrow would have to be rescheduled to the same day of their first performance turning what was a long eight hour day into a very long 12 hour day. >> which is long for anybody, but especially for my daughter who is 8. >> reporter: you gave up the theater space for msnbc's chris matthews to interview the president. the ballet director says she understands the interview is of important public interest. >> but, you know, it's just couldn't you do it somewhere else? >> we were completely flabbergasted. >> it says that their performance is not important. >> reporter: american issued the following statement. "we regret the short notice and do recognize the impact of the
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compacted time frame for preparations on the dancers and the company. the university is offering financial concessions to the dance company for rental and labor. >> i think that the powers that be saw it was a rehearsal and didn't realize what it was for and that it involved little kids and was such a large production. >> reporter: charlotte weir has been involved in the company for years. >> i have a lot of places that i need to be at. so it's going to be a little harder, but i'm going to get through it. >> reporter: perhaps the only thing as important as the right moves is the right attitude. after all -- >> the show must go in. -- must go on. tonight new information on a police shooting that put a woman in the hospital, police now saying an officer fired at taser first, but the woman was wearing several layers of clothing and it did not work. only afterwards did the officer reach for his gun. neighbors tell us the husband was trying to get her help for
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a mental health issue and called police. they got there. at some point police say the woman pulled a knife. police say the officer feared for his safety and fired the taser, then the gun. that officer has been placed on routine leave while police investigate. that woman is in stable condition. we have an update on a story breaking last night at 11:00. an officer wounded in a police shootout in northeast d.c. now out of the hospital, the suspect also wounded has died. it happened in the 1300 block of queens street in the trinidad neighborhood. police say 19-year-old darrius jamaal murray shot at officers conducting a weapons sweep in the area. they say he started firing at officers forcing them to return fire. the family of a woman killed in the navy yard shootings filed a lawsuit and it targets the navy, department of veterans a firs and two defense contractors. the family of victim mary knight said the navy and the contractors that hired the short
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-- the shooter aaron alexis ignored many red flags about his mental health. most people know lauren neuman as anne arundel county executive, but 30 years ago she was the victim of a rape she says nearly destroyed her, in part because almost nobody believed her story. >> tonight denise koch shows us how neuman fought her way out of an all too common crime against women. >> lauren neuman, a rising star in maryland politics and now anne arundel county executive. she seems to have everything going for her, but one night 30 years ago something happened that turned her world upside down. >> i was sound asleep when they came in. at first i thought it was a dream. >> she is just 18 years old working hard living on her own in northeast baltimore. >> when i woke, my face was covered with a pillow and there
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was a gun to my head. >> the gunman viciously rapes her and leaves. she is so terrified he will come back she doesn't move until her roommate comes home hours later. >> anyone that's been raped will tell you fear follows you around the rest of your life. it's like dying but still being alive. >> what makes it worse is that neither her family nor police seemed to believe her. she learned to depend on herself. >> reporter: what was it that made you be so determined, keep you going all these years? >> it was really about wanting to take control back for myself. >> it takes nearly 20 years for neuman to finally convince police to reopen her case. once they do it takes detectives three days to solve it using a fingerprint taken from her apartment. she couldn't wait to face her attacker in court. >> i decided in that moment i would be his worst tmnigh are. i beuld th ere for every hearing, of trial, every case and i would follow -- every trial, every case and i would follow him and make sure he stayed behind bars the rest of his life. >> not satisfied with stopping
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there neuman dedicates her life to helping other victims heal. >> reporter: at what point did you decide i will be the face of this crime? >> i was trying to take an opportunity where something tragic happened and turn it into a positive for others. the more did i it, the more i realized this -- the more i did it, the more i realized this one single event does not define me. >> she hopes to change the way rape victims are treated by police, society and the justice system. >> not putting a name or face to it keeps it in the dark. if we put it out in the light of day, you can't hide from it. >> she urges rape victims to immediately report the crime to authorities. >> if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. as more women are more comfortable doing that, i think it will ultimately lead to change with this crime. >> it turns out neuman's attacker was a serial rapist and is serving life behind bars. neuman tells us the majority of women attacked never report their crime, which is why we have compiled a list of
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resources on our website that could offer some help to you or anyone you know who could be afraid. just go to and look under headlines. the man accused of opening fire inside l.a.x. airport killing a tsa agent will not get out of jail soon. today 22-year-old paul ciancia was denied bond. he was in court, showed some bruises and scabs across his face, if a bandage around his neck. he was shot in the face -- a bandage around his neck. he was shot in the face during the gunbattle with airport police. if convicted he could face the death penalty. tonight we've got an update on mcfly the dog, the pitbull terrier that was abused. in october it was found in d.c. with several cuts to his neck. tonight these two men face animal cruelty charges. they were arrested monday. christopher johnson is being held on a probation violation. turns out it's not the first time he's been accused of animal cruelty. mark moseley has been released
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on bond. look at mcfly today, all ready for the holidays. he is recovering from his wounds and being cared for by the bull terrier rescue of virginia. he is still looking for a good home. i'd love to take him home if i could. get ready, d.c. toronto mayor, rob ford, about to hit our airways starting tomorrow morning. he's going to make a weekly appearance on the sports junkies radio show. ford will call in to pick nfl games and talk some sports. ford admitted last month he smoked crack during a drunken stupor. he's also had a number of very bizarre public outbursts and recently the toronto city council stripped him of most of his power. still, though, he refuses to step down and denies that he's got an alcohol problem. >> makes for good radio maybe. if you didn't already know virginia is for lovers, you will know. check out the brand-new state license tag. it was unveiled today, hits the road in march. this plate replaces that plain
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blue and white jobbie we've seen around here for decades. speaking of lovers, katie, you watching us tonight? if, so someone is looking for you. he's hoping for a christmas miracle. we are, too. >> do you remember reese? evidently the two of you met in hong kong. you were trying because you lost your friend and he tried to cheer you up and at the end of the night you said find me. that's exactly what reese is trying to do now. the 25-year-old new zealander set up a facebook page with the hopes of finding this young lady. he only knows her young name and that she's from d.c. katie, if you're out there, give us a call or hit us up on facebook. >> go for it. this is like super romantic. there's the traditional support bra. then there's the one microsoft is developing. >> yeah. this bad boy has built in
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sensors designed to give you emotional support when you're tempted to do something you probably shouldn't want to do and, fellows, they're thinking of making
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if you're one of the many people who just can't put down their smartphone or tablet, listen to this.
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>> optometrists say your eyes may be paying the price for all that browsing and texting on this little screen. it's called digital eye strain and ken molestina explains why a lot of you are suffering these days. >> literally people are spending more time looking within arm's distance than they are far away. >> reporter: it's that kind of behavior dr. steven glasser says is ruining people's eyesight and it's all thanks to display screens we use daily he says. the constant and close eye focus is forcing overexertion on our eyes and that can cause all kinds of problems. >> not only in patients who have complaints with visual problems, that is, i can't see, but associated problems such as i'm not reading as quickly as i used to. i'm getting headaches. i'm skipping lines when i read. letters are running together. all this has to do with not just acute but function. >> reporter: the reality is that it is very difficult to put these mobile screens down. we get it. just look around the streets in washington. you see it almost anywhere, but
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there is one thing dr. glasser says almost everybody can do to make sure you're giving your eyes a break. >> make a fist, put it on your chin, point your elbow out. you shouldn't be using an ipad or phone or cellular device closer than your elbow. >> you got to be able to see. >> reporter: this woman says she's one of the few who doesn't always stare at adage tall screen. >> i have a job where i -- a digital screen. >> i have a job where i don't have to do that. >> i spend 10 hours a day staring at a screen. i leave work and i'm going like this. >> reporter: how much time out of your day do you spend looking at some kind of digital screen? >> probably around eight. >> reporter: let your eyes rest according to dr. glasser if you can't avoid the exposure. >> when you do take a break, don't do anything that involves close work. that's key. >> reporter: that he says should keep you from taking a seat in his examining chair. ken molestina, wusa9. >> we all know there are a lot
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of hi-tech gadgets a there, your iphones, i pads, google glasses, smart watches. now there's a new one especially for you ladies called the smart bra. >> we're not making this up, folks. microsoft is developing a bra that would be beneficial for women who are dieting. when are we never not dieting? the smart bra they are creating will be embedded with psychological sensors. it's going to monitor heart activity to keep track of emotions and help you combat overeating. the sensors would send a message to your smartphone with a message to help you stay away from the fridge and on your diet. microsoft ex explored a men's underwear version, too, derek. >> the man's ear perhaps? >> it evidently didn't fly. i can't imagine why it wouldn't fly with men, but they are considering a smart bra for men. >> this is either the best idea ever or the last nail in the microsoft coffin. >> i'd go with the second thing. turns out people in
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maryland might need their mouths washed out with soap. >> the state has been named one of the top states for swearing. when you make one of those calls and they tell you they're recording it for quality purples? well, the marchex institute -- purposes? well, the marchex institute found that people in ohio swear the most followed by those in maryland. virginia made the list of states least likely to curse. how about that? folks in maryland also know how to say please and thank you named the third most courteous state behind south carolina and north carolina. so a bit of both worlds there. >> marylanders say thank you for noticing. we know there are a bunch of good people in our area. we want to thank all of you who have taken part in our joy drive. please keep those donations coming in. just go to our website and you can purchase a toy for a child
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in need. we want to show you some of the toys on the wish list with some of the kids. we've got the legos bricks and more pink brick boxes. my daughter would love this. 14.39. after that we've got the gears, gears beginners building set comes in at 20.39. look how happy that little boy is and then the crafty shrinky dink jewelry, folks, only 7.80, so unexpensive -- inexpensive when you think about some of the children in our area this year and this is all they have on their list. we've had almost 500 toys so far. >> we've had an amazing response and we are just getting started with this thing. we've got another couple weeks. for a lot of folks 20 bucks or something i know is not much, but for a lot of little kids it's going to make their whole christmas season. so let's pitch in. >> that's under 10. it's like a starbucks these
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days, right, folks? >> a couple lattes. we are looking at 60s tomorrow and don't get used to it, though, because old man winter is coming back. we're going to escape pretty easily compared to what's going on in the west. our average high is 51 and our temperature is still 53. that's fantastic. i was putting up lights on the weather terrace and half the strand was out just like at home. winds calm, relative humidity high at 83%, not a very dry typical air mass of what is now meteorological winter. we have a lot of clouds. we'll continue tomorrow, but most of the showers are peeling off to the north and west of us. we have a chance of a shower tomorrow, but quite frankly, you don't need your umbrella. you might friday. bus stop mild, in the 50s across the board, breezy and warmer thursday, wettest day by far and away friday. i would take an umbrella and then much colder saturday.
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that colder air begins to creep and seep down over the mountains and that's set the stage for a wintery mix sunday. overnight lows around 50, mostly cloudy, quite mild, got to keep a chance of a shower in. tomorrow morning 50s to around 60 to start and by afternoon some folks will be 60 by noon, by afternoon mid-60s, variable clouds, breezy, warmer, a shower possible. these are highs tomorrow, 1 below in bismarck, 9 in minneapolis, 31 in chicago and we sit at 67. eventually this cold air wins out, but brunt of it stays to our north. 50s to start, 60 by 11:00, low 60s by 1p. we've got showers on friday. that will probably be a midnight high as temps fall during the day friday and saturday a morning shower and colder, temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. the next seven days our wintery mix has not changed, probably breaks out in the morning sunday, probably before church actually and then continues during most of the day north
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and west of town and changes to rain overnight or late day. we're back in the 50s monday and maybe flurries tuesday. sunday will be a busy day with sleet, freezing rain, redskins, ravens. perps moving -- terps moving to the big 10 next year. how is that looking? >> how do the terps do against their future conference mates? >> plus redskins playing for pride now, hear from the guys ard to say no to the opportunity of a lifetime.
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even if it's five hundred miles away. there's a lot to figure out. new city. new job. new bank. a friend recommended suntrust. because mobile banking lets me manage my money how i want, when i want. so i can make thst and focus on all that's ahead. with every suntrust checking account, it's easy to avoid fees and go mobile. suntrust. how can we help you shine today? ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: thvie enronment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru
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could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. now game on with kristen berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> tonight was the first true test on the road for the maryland terrapins, fifth ranked ohio state making it to the elite 8 the last two seasons, the terps looking to prove they can hang with the big boys. maryland and their future conference mate in the acc big 10 challenge buckeyes up eight, shannon scott with the alley, stan thompson with the oop. time winding down in the 1st, maryland scrambling, can't get the ball. sam thompson spins. ohio state with a 17-point lead
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at halftime. the terps just couldn't hang tonight, 14 hornovers and just six assists. the terps lose 76-60. george mason hosting university of south florida, mason up 17 points in the 2nd half but the bulls erased that with 18 straight points. 25 seconds left, the south florida cory allen, jr. gets the go ahead dutcher to go with two seconds left -- dumper to go with two seconds left and beat george mason 68-66. as i'm sure you're well aware the redskins will not be defending their nfc east title this season or make the playoffs. they are now playing for pride and their jobs. at practice today those guys faced that reality. here's diane roberts with more on how the team plans to go forward. >> reporter: the next four weeks will be rough for the redskins now that they are officially out of the playoffs. the players here say they know what they have to do. they know what's at stake. >> we're going to continue to
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come out and compete no matter what the records say. they got four more games to play. we're going to try to come out and win those games. we can't get in the playoffs, but we can't finish the season with -- but we can finish the season with some type of pride. >> we're going to finish out the year and you take what's happened this year being 3-9 and you face it. that's why i come up here every single week. i face you guys because this is we got four games and i'm going to give it my all and i know those guys will, too. >> i think right now at this state everybody should go out here and play for that pride, play because they can and a lot of people can't, but if they're not built like that, they'll go out and play how they want to play of. >> reporter: the burgundy and gold start their final four sunday against the 9-3 kansas city chiefs. at redskins park diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> how sick are these guys about talking about the season?
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>> he seemed barely awake there. ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i ilovet! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wal♪l. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ mwhatade it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday that is wusa9 news tonight. thanks for staying around for us. >> we're always on at letterman is next
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